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Ray Stinger Premium (Super-II Chassis)

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Sting when you're Winning
This is a premium version of the Ray Stinger, a machine which appeared in the Japanese cartoon "Let's and Go!"as the car of one of the heroes' rivals, Rei Hijikata. The body of the racer has a stylized front cowl dubbed the "stinger cowl", plus other exciting features such as body side ducts and jet aero duct on the rear cowl. The silver scheme is accented perfectly by metallic stickers inspired by the design seen in the original cartoon.

Super-II Chassis
The Super-II chassis offers impressive toughness on a wide frame. Here, it appears in dark blue ABS resin and is matched with silver-colored ABS battery holder and rear stay. It also features turn switches, double attachment points for the rear stay, and light gun metal-colored EX side stays which provide excellent adaptability. The model includes multiple bumper and rear stay attachment holes to allow a range of set-up options. White 5-spoke wheels are partnered with 26mm-diameter low profile tires, and the model also comes with a 3.5:1 gear and motor.

●Length: 150mm ●Width: 97mm ●Includes motor ●Snap-together easy assembly

Separately Required Items
●R6/AA/UM3 batteries (x2)