Zoro & Sanji (ST-12)

Zoro & Sanji (ST-12)

السعر العادي
LE 1,390.00
سعر البيع
LE 1,390.00
السعر العادي
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The Strawhat Pirates' "Zoro" and "Sanji" are now teamed up in a Leader card!!
Made up of Green and Blue cards, this is the first multicolor attack type deck!

Zoro and Sanji from the Straw Hat Crew are here!
Emerge victorious with this powerful tag team!

Features Event cards depicting Zoro's and Sanji's attacks!
Make clever use of them to secure the upper hand!


  • Constructed Deck x 1 (51 cards)
  • DON!! Card x 10
  • Playsheet x 1